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High quality, elaborately written lyrics make you stand out. They’re what get you attention. We strive for the peak of complexity and detail in our verses for this reason. Every syllable, word, line and bar is strategically written to give you the most imposing lyrical presence out there. Each verse is designed to not only impress, but amaze and astonish your listeners. That’s what will sell out your shows.


The content of the lyrics and the song ideas are 100% yours. We basically just translate those ideas into intricate verses. So for example, if we’re making a track with an Emcee, that Emcee has total creative control. If he wants the track to be about haters, then that’s what we’ll do. If he wants the track to be about his grind and hustle, then that’s what we’ll do. The music will always be true to his vision.


Wamm Music Writers has built a reputation as one of the top songwriting teams in the music industry. Offering a wide variety of styles to artists signed to major labels, we also extend our services to independent up-and-coming artists on the rise. You can easily start, grow and reach your career goals with us. We're there with you every step of the way. Voted as top 10 songwriting companies in the U.S, Wamm Music Writers attracts an extraordinary diverse clientele and is proud to have delivered classic hits to some of today's top acts.

Our Philosophy

We believe being unique is a quality that breeds success in the music industry. We offer more than just lyrics. Our Hip Hop Ghostwriters & Producers help construct your song from start to finish, beginning with your song idea to your vision for a custom beat, resulting in a product you're sure to be proud of. No two Ghostwriting verses are the same, no two Wamm Music Writers Beats are recycled, everything becomes your own personalized masterpiece. We deliver Rap lyrics that leave fans rewinding and catchy beats that grab your listener's attention.


Do you need a better reason?

Wamm Music Writer 

100% Anonymity

We are in the business of making hit music, not headlines by disclosing our clientele. Upon purchase of any Hip Hop or Rap Ghostwriting, we send a signed "NDA"(Non-Disclosure Agreement). We have been tried & tested in this business and proven to be the most trustworthy service online.

How it works

1 Fill out a form below in the "tell us about your project" section or call 470-737-9733 to speak to our songwriting department at our studio facility.

2 Once we discuss your project and reach a confirmation you can either submit your payment through our credit card processor system or use our PayPal service. (If Lyrics, you will receive a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement. If beats, you will receive a signed Rights & Royalties contract)

3 Once payment is approved, our Ghostwriters & Producers will get to work constructing your order

4 Upon completion, we will send your Lyrics with an accompanying .mp3 reference file. If a Beat order, .Wav files of your instruments will accompany your reference.

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