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We can make you sound like a star!!!! RAP, HIPHOP, TRAP, R&B, DANCE & POP are our specialties. We can help you like the styles of Future, Migos, Rick Ross, Eminem, Cardi B, down to Beyonce, Drake, Chris Brown, Usher etc. We can make turn up music, we can make relaxing music, we can make songs with verses that include a lot of wordplay, complex bars and we can make music that make people move.

About Bernard M.

I have over 19 years of experience in the music industry. I have written over 1000's songs. I have worked with all types of artists from the beginning stages to the expert level.Due to contracts agreements there are top tier Industry artists that I can not name. I work hard on helping all of my clients achieve their goals no matter how hard it might be. Its always a great feeling to work with artists on music its a rush that is unexplainable. I do majority of my work at my own studio which is called WAMM studios which is Located in South Atlanta, GA but I have worked in some of the top studios in Atlanta like 11th Street Studios and Patchwerks.


Bernard personalised our lessons to my level of knowledge and made sure that I was growing even though I was a complete newbie.

He's really encouraging and is always giving me feedback on areas I can improve.. These are things I wouldn't have picked up on myself!

I can see improvement already, and look forward to future lessons with him.

Thanks Bernard

Posted Oct 9, 2023


Bernard has been a blast to work with, couldn’t recommend him more

Posted Sept 27, 2023


already I notice an improvement in my rapping thanks to Bernard

Posted Sept 20, 2023


Great Instructor! Would recommend!

Posted Mar 28, 2022


Bernard was awesome! So knowledgeable and so passionate about teaching. I was amazed at his wealth of knowledge. Thank Bernard!

Posted Oct 8, 2021


Bernard was awesome! So knowledgeable and so passionate about teaching. I was impressed by how much he really wanted me to "get it." And, WOW.... that guy can hear the intricacies of a rap song after ONE listen through.

Posted Oct 3, 2021

Nicholas A.

Bernard is terrific

Posted Apr 27, 2021


My first lesson was awesome - so excited about the rest.

Posted Apr 12, 2021


Bernard is the man!! Not only is he super chill and easy to work with, but he helped me with all aspects of my music. When I started working with him I was very new to rapping and only had lyrics (not even written to a beat). He helped me with my flow, rhythm, writing to a beat, voice, breathing and his creativity was apparent from day 1. Can’t say enough about how much he helped me develop as an artist.

Posted Mar 29, 2021

Omar N.

Bernard is a great rapping coach. My son enjoyed the learning lessons with Bernard and has improved significantly.

Thanks you Bernard for your help.

Posted Dec 10, 2020


Can’t wait to come back!

Posted Nov 1, 2020


Great time

Posted Nov 1, 2020


I learned so much about hiphop watching my son learn to rap!

Posted Nov 1, 2020


Cant wait to return!

Posted Oct 5, 2020


I never thought I would see my daughter rapping but she now is am she loves it!

Posted Jul 7, 2020


He wrote me a song that sounded just like Drake! All my friends thought I wrote it. I cant wait to come back!

Posted Jan 1, 2020


Bernard taught my son how to rap and he hasn't looked back since. Thank you!

Posted Nov 9, 2019

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