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Who's The Coaching For?

My 1 on 1 coaching services are for rappers who need help with artist development, establishing their brand and growing their fan base. Regardless if you are just starting out rapping or have been rapping for years you will benefit greatly from these coaching services! Here's a list to give you a better idea of some of the specific areas that I coach artists on.

Artist Development

  • Ear training to hear drums in order to begin establishing rhythm
  • How to count bars and figure an instrumentals song structure
  • Rhythm building exercises to establish the 4,8, & 16 count
  • Cadence drills to help artists perfect their flow
  • How to properly structure your lyrics to match your flow
  • Breathing techniques to ensure you never run out of breath
  • Help with writing a song from start to finish
  • Vocal coaching during live remote recording/tracking sessions for your song
  • Developing complex rhyme schemes
  • How to write catchy hooks
  • Creating witty punchlines and metaphors
  • Song writing techniques to keep the listener hooked
  • Voice training to improve your rap voice and breathe life into your performance
  • Confidence building to start performing live in front of people
  • How to gain the respect of an audience and rock a show
  • Branding

  • Identifying the overall image and message you wish to project to your audience
  • Learning how to stand out from the competition
  • Reinforcing your brand and building awareness and trust with your audience
  • Growing Your Fan Base

  • How to build your own infrastructure "website, mailing list & distribution list"
  • Ways to start giving yourself more exposure and be easily discovered
  • How to put together your EPK (Electronic Press Kit)
  • How you can start getting radio airplay
  • How to capture new listeners and turn them into fans
  • Ways to use your fans to get you more fans
  • How to build trust with fans and convert them into paying customers
  • Ways you can dramatically increase your sales by diversifying your offerings "merchandise, licensing, sponsorship's, advertisements, exclusives, etc."
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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    How can we practice together using music?

    What if i'm using a mobile device or phone?

    What about scheduling and letting you know what I want to work on?

    How much does the coaching sessions cost and how do I pay?

    Can I split my sessions up if I purchase more than 1 hour at a time?

    See What Others Are Saying...

    It's really worth it!

    Ghostwriterap expertise and attention to detail fully permeates his coaching services. There's no lie to his mantra, "Be a Better Rapper Now". Cole's thorough, patient and will hold you accountable, so you best be ready to put in the work! I've gone from struggling writing to a beat to now being confident in my voice, rapping and free-styling, a major chunk of credit goes to Ghostwriterap.

    I'm excited for what the future holds, now my rap skills are always waxing on and waxing off - like a 24 hour waxing salon holding a car wash with a karate kid tournament inside the lobby 😉 "


    I have improved so much as an artist...

    "I have worked with ​WAMM Music Writer for the past year and I feel privileged to have him as a coach. As a result of his coaching, I have improved so much as an artist, and gained a lot of confidence in myself. In addition, he has helped me improve lyrically in music and mentally in life. I would definitely recommend him to any artist, poet, writer, etc."

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